• Wild by Nature for Urban Decay

    Crafted copy for Urban Decay's Wild Collection ad campaign that was used for digital/print ads, store displays, etc.

    From ideation to talent selection and post-production edits, I was deeply involved in this project.

    The "Wild by Nature" tagline speaks to the naturally derived ingredients and the surprisingly intense (or um, wild!) color payoff.

    This line paired perfectly with our AD's brilliant concept of cities being overrun by nature.



    Reds of Worth for L'Oréal

    L'Oréal's Reds of Worth is a collection of statement-making red lipsticks, created to complement a range of skin tones.

    The inspirational shade names were meant to embolden the wearer as they "Rediscover the Power of Red".

    Crafted copy for spinoff TikTok campaign ("Say It with Red"), digital ads, press releases, etc.